God’s Way, The Straight Way

Lately, God has been calling me to surrender to His way, instead of my way. But pride insists my way is easier. I know I know what I’m doing. I don’t have to guess at or ask myself or search for what it is that I know I want. Seeking God for His way is more difficult. The other day, I felt God leading me to do an art journal on this subject. I made a line for my path–my way, not God’s way. Squiggling, it began to ascend, plateaued, and fell dramatically. It never reached the top of the page, but in fact fell very short. I knew that I also needed to make a line for God’s path. However, I felt convicted that it should be illustrated as very straight. My mind could not seem to agree with this. I have experienced that God’s way is narrow. I know it can be a very fine line. But life has all kinds of surprising unexpected twists which can turn out to be good or bad. Somehow, God in His amazingness manages to work it all out for the good of us who love Him. How does that seem straight?  As I was praying about it, I realized the straight isn’t about what happens from my perspective. It’s about what will happen. It’s about faith. This idea isn’t only about how God brings you to a place you thought you’d never be in. Or situations like how that person lost his job and then God provides for him. Straight isn’t just about how something which seems random happens, and God makes it work. Straight is about holding onto the faith that God will work it out. In fact, He is working right now. Instead of wavering with doubts and fear, God calls us to rise in faith. He invites us to believe His promises, His truth despite what other senses are telling us. Sticking with faith is the straight and narrow way up. Letting fears and doubts hang on us, drag us down and make us waver. Faith rises above these things…

The application in my own personal life currently goes deep with this. Faith doesn’t just contradict sight. Faith can contradict feelings. I know that probably sounds a bit cliche, because honestly, everyone has to do something that they don’t really like doing sometimes. And faith can be part of that. Some faith is employed when disciplining yourself to do the dishes or the laundry even though you don’t feel like doing them, because you’re trusting that the work will be worth the reward of clean dishes and clothes. So faith could be saying that I will do something even though I don’t feel like doing it, because God has called me to do it and I trust that God will make it worth it somehow. But when God’s plan defies the beliefs you’ve had about yourself for the past 20 years or more…faith takes on a different meaning then.

P.S. Pardon me, if this all doesn’t make sense. It felt difficult to explain, to pull out of my head-understanding and into typable words. So, please feel free to ask questions, leaves comments and specific feedback and constructive criticism. We will have faith that I can articulate this idea even better through some post blog comments and perhaps future blogs. Also, I do plan on expounding further in the next blog on the idea where I left off.